Incredibly fast and accurate transcription.

iDictate brings efficiency and cost savings to academia, business, insurance, government, law enforcement, journalism and medicine by providing quality transcripts in a timely manner. iDictate and Quicktate have transcribed many billions of words.

1-800-Microbrew is the premier phone number for the most popular and highly rated brewpubs and beer-of-the-month-clubs in North America.

SInce 1994, 1-800-Microbrew has introduced beer lovers to a vast selection of hard to find, handcrafted beers from across the country and around the world. Distinctive brews are fresh, bold, and flavorful and consist of crisp golden pilsners, malty amber ales, creamy black stouts and outstanding lagers, pilsners, porters, bitters bocks, and more!

1-800-Microbrew evaluates and tracks consumer reviews of a wide assortment of microbrewed beers from several leading beer-of-the-month-clubs.

In addition, 1-800-Microbrew instantly connects consumers to over 1,400 popular brewpubs across United States by phone.

Dial a number, brighten a service member's day!

Take a moment out of your day to send a quick message to loved ones in the US Military. Just dial 1-800-DO-CALL-TROOPS (800-362-2558), and speak! It's completely free, and is the most convenient way to stay in touch with enlisted friends and family.

Incredibly accurate speech transcription solutions. Carrier-grade voicemail, call transcription.

Scalable rapid speech transcription with human accuracy: that's what we're all about. Quicktate has the infrastructure and flexibility to handle any high-volume transcription needs with the highest quality.

Quicktate uses live professional transcribers to convert audio notes, to-do lists, medical reports, conference calls, legal files, voicemail messages, and more to text.

Satellite telephone rentals.

Rentaphone has been providing telephones by the day, week and month since 1989. Our satellite phones can be used in over 200 countries and across the ocean. Our prices are competitive and our phones are state-of-the-art. We offer FedEx delivery to your home or office.

1-888-4-NOTARY is the premier notary network!

1-888-4-NOTARY connects the consumer and the business professional to the nearest UPS Store's Notary Public. Appointments are not necessary. However, if you are unable to come to us, we can come to you!

1-800-4-A-53987 is the premier vanity phone number for Luxury car dealers
to increase the number of sales and service calls your dealership will receive.